About us

Clesen Wholesale offers an incredible palette of seasonal annuals and stunning accents to garden centers, professional landscapers, and container design firms.

Established in 1941, our 4th generation family-owned company is known for personal service, unique products and real-time availability. Our goal is to supply our customers with what they need to fill their landscape beds and container pots year-round.


A complete line of hardy annuals and fresh branches for your inspired spring designs. Top sellers include our signature three-plug pansies, foreces bulbs, and Ranunculus.


A diverse selection consisting of beautiful annuals, foilage, blooming tropicals and colorful hanging baskets. Our Angelonia, Lantana, Coleus and Dahlia are especially popular for summer.


An assortment of timeless and trendy items that cover all bases. For rich fall color we have the classic garden Mums, Kale, and Cabbage along with the more stylish Bracteantha Heuchera and Swiss Chard.


A Unique line of decorations and other product of creating wintry container pots and landscape beds. Choose from an extensive selection of berries, branches, greens and accents.

Customer Testimonial

“It’s nice to have a rapport with your account manager, and mine has been great to deal with. He is always thinking about my needs, calling me and suggesting things: “I saw this item come in and thought of you.” Relationship is key.

When I need product at the last minute my account manager always makes it happen. Clesen has good reaction time.

Selection is excellent; winter, spring, fall and summer you cover all the
bases. I am pleased with the quality and selection. Clesen has good quality control.”


Gethsemane Garden Center, Chicago

“My account manager has an interest in me and my business being as successful as possible. He is more of a partner than a vendor … he takes good care of me.

Once my account manager even drove out himself, in a van, and personally delivered the material I needed. He went above and beyond expectations.

My account manager always lets me know the status of my products, sends photos and keeps me abreast on how the product looks."


Hinsdale Nurseries, Hinsdale, Ill

"My Account Manager is in constant communication with me and is always figuring out how to get me my product when I need it most. I have a great relationship with her, and that allows me to succeed at my job. Something that Clesen has that most other vendors do not have is great record- keeping. You keep track of what I order from year-to-year and provide me with a report of last year's order to help me place this year's order."

"Our customers have high expectations of us, so we have high expectations of our vendors, and Clesen always meets and exceeds those expectations and makes my job easy."


Chalet Nursery, Wilmette, Ill